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The MentorCoach community is a wonderful place to be, with lots going on and many people anxious to help make your experience a good one. Here's a general overview of who's who at MentorCoach.

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CEO and Director of Training: Anne Durand

Anne coordinates selection, training, and quality control of all training to become part of the Trainer Team and those who are actively teaching MentorCoach Programs. Meet our Training Team.


Office Manager: Mary Anne Nasou

Mary Anne runs our Bethesda (MD) office, handling administrative matters, questions about course registration, and all general questions about MentorCoach.


CE Coordinator: Sunny Bain

Sunny makes sure the MCP stays in compliance with the associations through which we offer Continuing Education Units. After students complete the MCP, Sunny sends out CE certificates and diplomas.


MentorCoach Certification Coordinator: Sunny Bain


All-But-Dissertation (ABD) Survival Guide Editor:
Gayle Scroggs, Ph.D., PCC

The ABD Survival Guide is a free monthly newsletter that is distributed to thousands of graduate students struggling to finish their dissertations. The ABDSG and MentorCoach operate in wonderfully reciprocal fashion: ABD students are prime for coaching assistance and MCP coaches at all levels are ready to assist them. In addition to experienced dissertation coaches, “intern coaches” nearing certification may also be paired with ABD students or lead virtual workshops for them. Gayle oversees it all.

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