Program FAQ's

Q. What's unique about the MentorCoach Programs?

A. Almost everything! To keep things simple, let's start with 10 features of our Programs that make us stand apart:

  • Our Programs are specifically and exclusively designed for helping professionals

  • MentorCoach is approved to provide continuing education credits for psychologists, social workers and certified counselors. Many students find their courses are also tax deductible; check with your tax advisor.

  • Our primary programs are created and led by faculty who are both experienced coaches and active helping professionals.

  • Ethics and Risk Management training is a required part of our curriculum.

  • All of our programs take place via teleconferencing (i.e., telephone and email) so you will never have to leave your home or office.

  • We emphasize both theory and practice of coaching skills in our regularly scheduled classes as well as in our special focus classes. We are often, though not always, able to provide students with clients for individual and group practice. These clients are mainly sliding scale and/or free.

  • We will show you how to efficiently market and work "virtually" — to build a national and, in time, a global practice.

  • We place heavy emphasis on the value and importance of learning to coach individual clients, as well as lead virtual groups, and we require that our Level Two Certification-bound students become proficient in both methods. Ultimately, we will support you in building an individual-only coaching practice or in designing your niche and practice with an eye toward building groups.

  • We are small and your experience will be an intimate one. For each class you enroll in, you will spend the entire length with the same group of students. Thus an atmosphere of trust and cooperation builds. Gradually a close, virtual community develops among our students. We do everything we can to facilitate this community, including setting up optional student-led support groups, a private students-only website with photographs of class members, interviews with successful coaches, and special bonus classes. Typically students meet face-to-face at conferences and whenever possible. This deepens our virtual connection and is then shared with the entire class via photographs on our web site and in our next classes.

  • Our total mission is helping you, a skilled clinician, use all the skill and wisdom you've acquired during a lifetime to build a highly successful coaching practice.


Q. What if I want to develop a local coaching practice, not a national one?

A. We will totally support you and will show you effective strategies for attracting local clients.


Q. What if I'm not a Mental Health Professional but still wish to be Mentor Coach certified for my industry?

A. You can still take part in MentorCoach Training providing you meet certain qualifications. READ THIS PAGE for details.


Q. What equipment do I need to participate in the Program?

A. You need a telephone. The Programs' interactive classes make use of MentorCoach's special teleconference phone lines — which allow multiple parties to easily participate in group instruction and interaction via telephone. You also must have or be willing to acquire access to email, because a fair amount of material is circulated to class members by email.


Q. How long are the Programs and how many sessions are included?

A. The MentorCoach Program Foundations class is 31 weeks long. It is intended to be a stand-alone program to get you up and running to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to build a coaching practice. You may also wish to take some additional master classes, which you can take one at a time or simultaneously.

If you wish to meet the academic requirement for MentorCoach or International Coach Federation certification, you must take five more courses or a total of 125 hours of course work.


Q. On what days of the week and at what times of day are sessions held?

A. Often our classes are held during the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays — scheduled in one-hour blocks so that you can easily take part during a typical clinical schedule. However, this changes, so check our Home Page or Enroll Now for the next classes being offered.


Q. What if I have to miss a class? What do I do to make it up?

A. Invariably students will miss some classes due to vacations and other conflicts. You can easily catch up by getting tapes of missed classes from other class members or — at cost — from MentorCoach. However, with the exception of the first few classes, students desiring CE credits may not listen to tapes in lieu of actual classroom attendance. All students are asked to totally protect the confidentiality of our calls and of any tapes of those calls. Confidentiality is essential to our creating a safe space for learning and experimentation.


Q. What is the tuition for the Program?

A. Tuition for The MentorCoach Training Program: Foundations (MCP) is $1995 if you pay in full at the beginning. It's $2300 if you pay on a monthly basis while classes are going on. Payment is by automatic credit-card debit on the first of the month and starts at the beginning of the Program. Check individual listings for costs of Master Level Classes, which will be listed soon. Special Focus Workshops are often minimum cost or free.


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. You may cancel your enrollment at any time before the second one-hour teleclass and receive a full refund. You're responsible for the full tuition amount if you don't cancel your enrollment before the beginning of the second one-hour teleclass.


Q. Who leads the MentorCoach Program?

A. Ben Dean, Ph.D., Master Certified Coach, Founder & CEO, MentorCoach, oversees all curriculum creation, and supervises and personally trains our dynamic team of trainers. Our MentorCoach Training Programs are taught solely by seasoned, senior coach-clinicians who themselves have highly successful group and individual practices. In order to assure that our programs are cutting edge, the Master Level Classes which deal with legal ethics and corporate culture are led not by clinicians, but by industry experts within those industries, who themselves are senior coaches.


Q. Is MentorCoach accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF)?

A. Yes, MentorCoach is fully accredited through the ICF


Q. Can the training I get at MentorCoach be applied toward becoming a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through ICF?

A. Yes, your training at MentorCoach can be used toward obtaining a PCC certification through ICF. Additional information about the ICF can be found at


Q. What do I do if I have a grievance?

A. MentorCoach strives to assure fair and respectful treatment of our students and participants. We take complaints very seriously and will do our best to assist you if possible. If you are a current student and have a complaint or question, the place to begin is with your instructor. They know the infrastructure of our organization well and will probably be able to assist you.

If you are not comfortable going to your instructor or that does not apply to you, we invite you to contact our Managing Director, Janice Fain Dean, who can be reached at: or 301.986.5688. Janice will listen carefully to what you have to say and attempt to assist you. If she is not able to directly take care of your problem or answer your concern, she will bring it to the attention of our Program Committee, headed by Ben Dean, Ph.D., Master Certified Coach, Founder & CEO, MentorCoach.


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