The MentorCoach Training Program:
Foundations (MCP)

Pre-requisite for all other MentorCoach Classes
31 one-hour classes
Meets once a week for 31 weeks
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Coaching "virtually" — by telephone, with fax and email backup — and/or coaching face-to-face is the most exciting, remunerative, and cutting-edge arena for clinical practice diversification around today. Thousands of trained mental health practitioners now combine joint clinical and coaching practices and in the process discover, when properly structured and administered, that virtual coaching offers impressive and unexpected advantages. The place many begin is with The MentorCoach Training Program: Foundations (MCP).

This course forms the foundation of the MentorCoach Certification Program. Based on a blend of models for coaching interventions and approaches we have refined since 1982, the MCP builds on the fundamental skills that our students already have and begins the transformation into their new roles as coaches. Designed to teach the nuts and bolts of getting a coaching practice up and running, this program delves into coaching theory, applied coaching skills, marketing, and administrative techniques the student will need to develop and grow. Among other highlights, the course includes:

  • Fundamental overview of how coaching differs clinically from the typical paradigm of a clinician in private practice.

  • Similarities and differences in working face-to-face and virtually (at a distance, either synchronously or asynchronously).

  • Proven coaching techniques to help clients achieve centrally important professional and personal goals and reach their full potential.

  • Review of legal and ethical concerns and controversies associated with a coaching practice.

  • Supervised coaching practice, including hands-on application of assessment methods and coaching approaches.

  • The "how-tos" of integrating coaching clients with your current practice or present job.

  • How to start as a generalist AND begin to develop your own unique coaching niche(s).

  • What to charge — now and later.

  • Why gently exploring your ambivalence about coaching is essential for creating a successful practice.

  • Resource materials, including client contacts, "welcome" packet, a comprehensive coaching manual, relevant research literature, and bibliographies. 

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