What Our Students Say

Janet Hurwich, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist
APA Business of Practice Network (BOPN)
5835 College Avenue, Suite B
Oakland, CA 94618

"The MentorCoach Program taught me much more than the craft of virtual coaching. Since the very first day I have found many ways to use the techniques that Ben included — both in my private practice and in my new coaching business. I can't over-emphasize the excitement of the class and the incredible sense of community that develops over 6 months. I am delighted with the experience. Thanks, Ben."

Christopher Wemple, Ph.D
Independent Practice
4455 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite A400
Washington, DC 20008

"The MentorCoach Program has transformed my professional life. It has helped me to gain knowledge and skills in coaching, practice development, and in the use of the Internet as a sophisticated global marketing tool.

"In this extraordinary training program, we were given superb instruction in individual and group coaching. The program is unique in that students are given as many individual and group coaching clients as they need. Most of the class members were coaching individually from the first weeks of the program. And by the ninth week, I was designing and co-leading my first virtual group using MentorCoach telephone bridge lines, which included members from across the U.S. Working with virtual groups is not only a powerful way to leverage your time to increase your practice income, it is also a way to provide your clients with a cohesive and supportive new modality.

"Using information gained in the MentorCoach Program, along with Ben's guidance and support, I have selected a market niche, established my own web site, and have begun publishing an email newsletter, The Divorce Survival Guide, that has already developed a global readership.

"Ben is not only a great source of many ideas, he is also generous with his time, resources, and energy. He models the best of coaching skills with his insight, encouragement, and positive feedback. His leadership has set the tone for the collegiality and mutual support of the membership of the ‘virtual’ MentorCoach class.

"If you are a therapist looking to expand your practice with state-of-the-art training in personal and professional coaching, this is the real thing. I recommend the MentorCoach Program without reservation."

Dr. Charles E. Parker
168 Business Park Drive, Suite 101
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

"The MentorCoach Program has offered so many different things for me personally that I clearly must continue in the Graduate Teleforum. From 'computer wannabe' to a reasonable level of competence wasn't even an imagined agenda item at the outset. All I wanted was some other opportunity to move out from under the folded economic umbrella of managed care. I was one of those who had to ask about the meaning of 'bridge lines.'

"I've since had an ABD (all-but-dissertation coaching client) who regularly calls from Tokyo (a very interesting guy from Dartmouth and USC) and a whole host of ABD's from all over the States and Canada. In that time I've put together and led my own Beta Class, my own website, a hardcopy protocol for regular mail, two full programs of training, and a serious vision for the future that likely will provide a completely different lifestyle than the 10-hour days and regular emergency night calls I've fielded for 30 years.

"Most importantly, I've seen the vision of group teleconferences and the fun and income potential present in that format. I've been trained over the years by internationally known teachers and supervisors, and have never had the straight, practical feedback I have received with your program. My advice to anyone who has already been working in the 'mental health' context for years is that this is opportunity staring you in the face -- go for it. You will kick yourself 2 years down the line when your idea already has someone else's name on it. Actually I didn't know my own niche until I caught the *applicability* of the vision — and then it came to me in an airplane on the way home from a conference (Pharmaceutical U).

"Finally, one less obvious point: the MentorCoach group is made up of bright people with some visions of their own. And the groups were very stimulating and witty/creative — not something I see much of in daily practice.

"Thanks for the memories and the future."

Lynne M. Hornyak, Ph.D.
Co-Editor (In Press). "Healing From Within:
The Use of Hypnosis In Women's Healthcare"
Washington, DC: American Psychological Association
Past President, District of Columbia Psychological Association (DCPA)
Suite 117, 1301 20th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

"The MentorCoach Program is an invaluable experience that is helping to reshape my professional future. Ben is an effective model, skilled at facilitating the group's interaction as well as responding to our individual needs and concerns. He is incredibly generous in sharing practical ideas and technical information. The MentorCoach group format has been very helpful in providing peer support and encouragement, as well as for networking and brainstorming.

"The most reassuring part is that I know that I have the skills necessary to turn this creative avenue into a professional reality. I would recommend this Program to any professional who is similarly seeking a creative alternative or addition to their practice."

Jeffrey I. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Independent Practice
3 Washington Circle, NW #405
Washington, DC 20037

"The ‘MentorCoach Program’ is most likely a one-of-a-kind. Where else can predominantly psychotherapists find like-minded colleagues that are striving to make the transition to coaching? Ben provides an atmosphere in our virtual meetings that promotes a sense of support and community. He is also generous in his sharing both of his time and a wealth of practical knowledge. I would recommend this Program to anyone who is seriously thinking about incorporating coaching into their professional repertoire."

Mary Joan Albright, Ph.D.
1112 South Kenwood Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224

"The MentorCoach Program is a winner. A well-organized, informative, well-paced program that is stimulating and fun. It allows each person to progress at his or her own speed. Ben is an excellent presenter and facilitator who inspires you to tackle new things and tells you the concrete steps to take. His supportive approach encourages a helpful, collegial attitude among group members.

"Now as I retire from the faculty of the University of Maryland's Department of Psychiatry in Baltimore, I am launching my next career as an Executive Coach for career women facing change. I highly recommend the MentorCoach Program!"

Bob Lappin, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and practicing therapist for 25 years
8332 Exodus Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20882

"The MentorCoach Program offers many new and exciting ideas as well as workable strategies for therapists who want to look at alternative ways to use their skills to help unlimited populations. Ben is a great teacher and model for the therapist becoming a coach. He shares his vast resources and knowledge without hesitation."

Jo-Linda Butterfield, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
2006 Wallace Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20902

"Ben's MentorCoach Program has been a solid bridge to a mid-life career change and has catapulted me into exploring and experiencing coaching as a viable career option. Ben is truly a master at working with a group and through his generosity and modeling, the members of our class offered support and expertise to each other in establishing coaching practices. As our guide through this new territory, Ben fostered a sense of camaraderie, helped deal with failures and pitfalls, tightened up our goals, and kept us on the path so we could all experience success. His enthusiasm is contagious, his resources and contacts seemingly endless, and his attentiveness to each member of the group through phone and email contact is impressive. After taking this class on transforming a psychological practice into coaching, you will...’virtually’ be there!"

Richard "Dick" B. Setton, Ph.D.
Independent Practice
5103-D Backlick Road
Annandale, VA 22003

"The MentorCoach Program was a wonderful example of a community of people genuinely reaching out to help, assist, share, explore and grow with each other in the truest meaning of the helping profession. And you, Ben, set the tone. The material was excellent. The information was more than useful. The interest clearly was designed to empower each and every member. But more than that, there was an example of selflessness, of not holding back, of giving support with substance, involvement with information, and the excitement of exploration. Thank you. If you discovered a new list, you let us know. If you uncovered a possible niche, you encouraged someone to ‘...just do it.’ For Mary Ann and me, a whole host of options opened up. We will not just be doing videotaping and photography, but coaching others who do it to increase their marketing skills, their communications skills, and hopefully, their income.

"Again, thank you. Ben, you have been a true coach, a supportive cheerleader, and an unselfish teacher — gifts that seem to be contagious, given the style of the group. One last time...thank you."

Kelly Collins, MA, CEAP
14901 Broschart Road
Rockville, MD 20850

"The MentorCoach Program provides helping professionals with a very practical approach to diversifying their practice. Throughout the course, Ben shared his extensive experiences and technical knowledge with us to help us take the necessary steps to quickly move forward with starting a coaching practice. Most importantly, the group not only provided me with support and encouragement, but allowed me the opportunity to get feedback on my ideas and concerns.

"By the end of the class, it was amazing to see the remarkable successes that were already taking place. It was inspiring and helpful to all of us working to create a coaching practice. I recommend the ‘MentorCoach Program’ to anyone who is interested in finding new and exciting ways to help people."

Joseph Mancini, PhD, LCSW-C, DSW
Independent Practice
4 Woodsend Place
Potomac MD 20854

"When Ben first invited me to enter his MentorCoach Program some months ago, I was skeptical though hopeful that I would learn something new. As a therapist, I knew and used a great number of coaching techniques before entering the Program; nevertheless, I was pleasantly very surprised at how much there was to learn about coaching on the phone and about marketing strategies.

"Marketing is something I hate doing and usually do not want to investigate except under duress. But Ben actually made the topic interesting and accessible. As for learning to coach on the phone, it was fascinating and actually quite easy to learn.

"Ben was very generous in offering us his pool of clients from which we could draw low-fee or free coaches. The delight I experienced in doing this hands-on, individual coaching was superceded only by my joy in conducting a four-week group session on the phone — following Ben's protocol with our class made doing my own group session easy and fun.

"Though I am not yet ready to shift my practice significantly into coaching, I will do so in time and be very grateful to Ben and my classmates for all the info and guidance they produced. One major bonus of the class was the writing up and dissemination of class sessions by one of my classmates, thus giving all of us a reference guide.

"Two words to potential class members: ‘Do it!’"

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