MentorCoach Training & Certification Programs

Graduates of the MentorCoach Training Program may take any or all of the following Master Classes:

Ethics and Risk Management Master Class. With Eric Harris, J.D., Ed.D. , the preeminent attorney in the country on the intersection of ethics and risk management for mental health practitioners who coach. 8 one-hour classes over two months.

Individual Coaching Skills Master Class. A cool course which Ben and every member of the MentorCoach Trainer Team have taken. Covers 24 specific coaching skills with instructor demonstrations, in-class practice, between-class practice with fellow students, and reading. This class will dramatically increase your confidence in your coaching. 24 one-hour classes over six months.

Individual Coaching Skills Supervision Master Class. Meets for 90 minutes twice a month. Includes one hour of supervision each month with a Master Certified Coach. 24 hours. Instructor approval required.

Quick Start Marketing Master Class. With Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D. a senior Executive and life coach with excitement and passion about exactly how to market locally and nationally. Covers all the elements of going from ground zero to a full coaching practice. Includes practice, marketing documents shared by E-mail, a class list serve, and guest speakers. 24 one hour classes over six months.

Executive Coaching Master Class. With Anne Durand. For 20 years Anne was a Director of NASDAQ. She brings her rich corporate experience and her passion for teaching therapists how to transition into Executive Coaching. Always gets rave reviews. 24 one hour classes over six months.

Small Business Coaching Master Class. With Anne Durand. After NASDAQ, Anne started and later sold a nationally recognized glass gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. She combines her knowledge of coaching small business clients with her passion that mental health practitioners can make real contributions with this underserved market. 12 one hour classes over six months.

Strategic Career Design Master Class. With Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D.. Ellen is among America's leaders in coaching women attorneys. See Her experience assisting individuals making career transitions and strategically managing their careers extends back to before she received her Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical) from the University of Rochester in 1980. She was trained in career counseling during her internship at the University of Rochester Counseling Center. She served as Associate Director of Career Services at the University of Utah Counseling Center and worked with students, staff and faculty on career issues at the University of Maryland's and George Washington University's Counseling Centers before entering full-time independent practice. Gets superb reviews. 24 one hour classes over six months.

Intensive Group Coaching Master Class. With Christine Martin. Christine, the former Vice President of the Board of the International Coach Federation, holds an MBA and is an ICF Master Certified Coach. A high performance business and executive coach since 1992, Christine is Founder and Principal of Innovation Coaching, LLC. With over 6,000 hours of professional coaching as her background, she coaches decision-making individuals, forward-looking professionals, innovative and creative artists and scientists, media professionals, professional coaches, and high performance teams.Christine’s work with groups includes over a decade of graduate and undergraduate teaching both traditionally and virtually, group mentor coaching, large group facilitation using coaching as the model, training managers and U.S. Air Force officers in the use of coaching techniques for managing. As a member of the 4-D Systems Leadership Coaching Team, she presently coaches the next generation of leaders for NASA in a strictly virtual group coaching, team-based approach.

Blue Sky Visioning Master Class. With Ben Dean, Ph.D. and Anne Durand Ben teaches this class once each year with great passion and enjoyment. Offers eminently practical strategies for creating a large, vivid five-year vision for your life. You'll learn how to keep the vision crisp and inspiring. How to spend one day each quarter and one week each year re-checking and re-energizing your vision. Using backward planning, you'll create a five year plan for bringing your vision to life. Gets rave reviews. Class continues to meet--for free--for long after Blue Sky has concluded. One of the most energizing, cool teleworkshops Ben and Anne teach each year. Twelve hours over a three months.

Positive Psychology Coaching Master Class. With internationally known Christopher Peterson, Ph.D. teaching from his Ann Arbor office at the University of Michigan, this is an extraordinary class. Chris is widely considered to be one of the world's leading researchers in the field. The Positive Psychology Master Class is designed to give students a solid grounding in the history, development, approach, and application of positive psychology in their coaching practice. Based, in part, on Chris' newest book, A Primer on Positive Psychology, it receives exceptional evaluations and is part of MentorCoach's commitment to the importance of coaching of positive psychology.


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Currently Available Classes:

MCP 218* Wednesdays
31 Wednesdays
8:00 pm - 8:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones
BONUS CLASS Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Starts Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Stephen Coxsey, LPC, PCC

MCP 219* Tuesdays
31 Tuesdays
12:00 pm - 12:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones
Starts Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Kevin Handley, PhD, PCC

*About the acronyms. While all Foundations courses have identical content, each one is numbered differently. MCP stands for MentorCoach Program. The first Foundations course we offered was “MCP 1”. The second was “MCP 2”, and so on. Thus if a Foundations course were called “MCP 300”, it would refer to the 300th cohort of students who had gone through the Foundations program.

*About the scheduling. A new Foundations course begins each month of the year, generally during the last week of the month. The time of the class alternates between day and evening times. So, for example, let’s assume that in Month 1 the Foundations class is at 12:00 pm Eastern. In Month 2, the next Foundations class would then be at 8:00 pm Eastern. In Month 3, the next Foundations class would then be at 12:00 pm Eastern, etc.

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