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If you are having difficulty getting writing done for the internet, no matter what the reason, this course can be your answer. We will focus on websites, blogs, newsletters, ezine articles, and ebooks. Each of you will have the opportunity to work on whatever web project interests you. The goal is to have at least one piece of work completed by the end of the course. There will be both lecture and group participation. We will go at your pace. Limited to 8 people.

What you will experience will include:
• pros and cons of websites, blogs, newsletters, ezine articles, e-books
• increased familiarity with the various styles of web writing
• essential features of websites, blogs, newsletters, ezine articles, e-books
• small incremental homework assignments
• feedback on your work
• positive group support
• lively, funfilled, engaging interactions

Instructor: BETSY LANDAU, PhD

Betsy Landau, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, life and writing coach, author, and adjunct professor of psychology. She is certified by Mentor Coach and specializes in helping people overcome writing blocks as well as learning to enjoy the writing process. She self-published Mirabelle's Memoirs: a feline tale, writes articles for online ezines, has an e-book, Overcome Writer's Block Easily, and has recently completed a novel. She spent 15 years at Random House, loves the publishing process, and helps people go through the various stages from writing to publishing. In addition to coaching writers and would-be writers, Betsy welcomes the challenge of working with people facing a diversity of life transitions -- job, career, relationships, health, finances.

She lives in New York with her feline companion Nellie. They spend a great deal of time in the warmth of Florida during the winter months.