MentorCoach is proud to announce the following exciting master class:

Becoming A Wellness Coach: Living and Coaching the Good Life

Mondays at 8 pm Eastern
Starts Monday January 21, 2013
$595.00 + 75.00 for CEU's
No Pre-requisite

To hear Ann Marie talk with Ben Dean about this class click here.

"What is alive in you? What is your personal definition of wellness? What will it take for you to live in wellness? How will you know when you are there?"

So begins the Vanguard Class of "Becoming a Wellness Coach: Living and Coaching the Good Life". This class has been developed specifically for coaches to create and live a personalized wellness lifestyle while beginning to develop and launch their wellness coaching business into the marketplace.

Have you ever wondered what mindfulness truly is? Or the physiological benefits of meditation? Or why practicing loving-kindness enhances the immune system? We will be traveling beyond trendy buzz word definitions by exploring the physiological and psychological importance of wellness arena topics such as being in the present moment and being mindful.

Together we will delve into the necessity of fun, connectedness, meaning, and contribution. Assessments will be used to track individual progress while supporting each other in the Wellness Playgroup.

And make no mistake this class will be down-to-earth and practical. As part of every module we will focus on how to be a wellness coach and how to build your wellness coaching business. There will be weekly homework with partners as well as a live inter-active listserv for class interaction.

This investigative and experiential curriculum is viewed through the integrative holistic model of the emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical
realms. We will be examining cutting edge research by focusing on the works of top neuroscientists, physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists: James Austin, M.D. * Richard Davis, PhD * Neil Theise, M.D. * Matthieu Ricard, PhD * B. Allan Wallace, PhD * Daniel Seigel, M.D.

We will be reflecting on the works of James Prochaska, PhD * Pema Chodron * Daniel Goldman, PhD * Deepak Chopra, M.D. * Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD * Andrew Weil, M.D. * Joan Halifax, PhD * Joseph Goldstein * Theodore Roszak * Sharon Salzberg.

Testimonial: Ann Marie McKelvey is the consummate coach. She has steered me safely through some very choppy life waters. Ann Marie is a rare combination of smart/practical, creative/adventurous, and passionate/spiritual-- all topped with a generous sprinkling of humor. She is a change agent who works with a gentle strength that rises from her deeply grounded intuitive sense. When one is coached by Ann Marie it feels as if you are her “only” client. There is a profound sense of being held and supported as you move forward towards your goal. She has helped me to begin to write the new and possibly most exciting chapter of my life. I am deeply grateful. Margy Seides, M.S., M.A., DTR Take Heart Wellness Coaching

Learning Objectives

1. Learn how to be a Wellness Coach!
2. Develop a skill set to eliminate overwhelm and exhaustion from your vocabulary
3. Become adept in utilizing NVC (NonViolent Communication) in identifying and expressing needs
4. Create and perform wellness strategies based on assessments
5. Learn to view self and clients as portable laboratories for inquiry driven discoveries and new wellness paradigms
6. Develop deep partnership with client in the wellness process
7. In-depth exploration of the latest neuroscientific research on mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology and social connections
8. Develop an understanding of systems theory and its importance to wellness and ecopsychology.
9. Learn how to s-l-o-w down, self-connect, and incorporate wellness changes necessary to enjoy the good life for self and clients.
10. Become a model of wellness committed to continued self-exploration and self-development.

Curriculum - Part One
Please note the Wellness Playgroups are for in-depth class discussion and experiential applications.

1. Introduction and Connection
2. The Basics of NVC (NonViolent Communication)
3. Wellness Playgroup - Assessments
4. How to Create Your Own Personal Wellness Program
5. Wellness Playgroup - Your personal credo supported with EMDR
6. The Body, Food and Exercise
7. Wellness Playgroup - Sharing Personal Wellness Programs
8. Understanding Stress, Overwhelm and Burn-out
9. Wellness Playgroup: Antidotes to Stress, Overwhelm and Burn-out
10. The Aging Process: Loss, death and grieving
11. Wellness Playgroup - Coaching applications
12. Review

"Becoming a Wellness Coach" provides 12 weeks of continuing education credits for social workers, licensed counselors and LCSW's and MFT's in California. "Becoming a Wellness Coach" also provides 12 hours of CCE's for the International Coach Federation.

Curriculum - Part Two
Please note the Wellness Playgroups are for in-depth class discussion and experiential applications.

1. Neurobiological and neuroscientific research on wellness
2. Wellness Playgroup - Applying neurobiological research to coaching
3. Integrating EcoPsychology and Systems Theory into your world view
4. Wellness Playgroup - Applications, strategies and games to stay healthy in the midst of chaos
5. Acceptance + Gratitude = Wellness
6. Wellness Playgroup - Honoring the Sacred with Ritual
7. Basics of the Science of Mindfulness
9. Wellness Playgroup - Practice mindfulness applications
10. The Importance of Sleep and Self-Nurturance
11. Wellness Playgroup - Customize Sleep Camps
12. Review

"Becoming a Wellness Coach" provides 12 weeks of continuing education credits for psychologists, social workers, licensed counselors and LCSW's and MFT's in California. "Becoming a Wellness Coach" also provides 12 hours of CCE's for the International Coach Federation.


You owe it to yourself and you clients to take this class. It will inform and inspire you to understand well-being at a much deeper level. Ann-Marie "walks the walk" and with her wellness classes under your belt, you will too.

Amy Tardio of Huffington Post and Self


"WOW! What a ride! Anne-Marie is awesome! She is not only an excellent teacher but also very respectful of her students, their needs, their thoughts, their ideas, and their creativity. She positions herself as a "co-learner" with her students and honors everyone's ideas. Anne-Marie brings a gentle touch and a deep compassion to her work. She walks her talk."

John H. Millerman, Ph.D.


As an individual who has floundered with overall wellness, Ann-Marie taught me step-by-step how to create, implement and then reevaluate my own personal wellness program. The key? Using "my own human laboratory" - my own body to understand wellness coaching. Using my own life and my own body as a tool for learning, has gifted me the compassion and understanding of future wellness clients. Thank you Ann-Marie!

-Julie Cunningham
Cunningham Coaching Co., LLC & MentorCoach Student


Ann-Marie McKelvey is down-to-earth, warm and a breath of fresh air. As a coach I could tell she cared about people and knew how to appreciate their individuality and life choices. As an instructor Ann-Marie was mindful of her students and a great role model of how to be a wellness coach. I learned a lot from listening about her life experiences, the wisdom she’s gained from incorporating tools into her own coaching as well as her ability to show us her own awareness of self; body, heart, spirit and mind. The Becoming a Wellness Coach is a practical and life-changing course to take as an introductory to Wellness Coaching for it’s focus is on your most challenging client: YOU! What I gained from taking this class and the learning experience of creating my own wellness program will serve me well in my own life as well as my coaching practice.

Jocelyn Kelly
Realizing Your Creative Life


Becoming a Wellness Coach: Living and Coaching the Good Life
This class will not only expand your definition of what wellness really means, but it will encourage you to walk in the footsteps of your clients before they themselves take the walk. In order to partner with your clients on their journey to wellness you must live it first. Part one of this class focuses what wellness means to you. The gems that you will take away are hidden in the exercises Ann Marie leads you through, including putting pen to paper on YOUR definition of wellness, discovering the importance of met and unmet needs, and crafting your own personal credo (fun!). Ann Marie brings her wisdom, humor, creativity, and innate gifts of teaching and encouraging others in self-exploration to this class every week. She sprinkles the course material with beautiful quotes and written excerpts to help deepen your understanding of each week’s topic. And by the end of the class, not only will you have created a wonderful toolbox chock full of wellness articles, books, and exercises that will be a tremendous aid for you and your clients, but you will have begun to live what you aim to inspire others to do.
Erin Daniels


I learned how to question myself, how to connect with myself, and with others. The process of writing a personal wellness plan, as well as a personal credo, helped me to clarify my beliefs, aspirations, needs, and wellness goals. Thank you, Anne-Marie, for your humor, your compassion, and your constant encouragement.
Dawn Vigil


A couple students from a while back:
My learning curve in the Wellness class was steep. The class gave me time to explore wellness from multiple perspectives and appreciate how our bodies and minds are connected. I still keep a list of tools for our "toolbox" taped to my mirror: "Connect with self, nature, exercise, humor, optimism... " Thanks, Ann-Marie!

Julie O’Keefe


Ann-Marie brings her authentic, loving-kindness approach to every minute of her Wellness courses. She is totally with you as you explore deep areas of body, mind, and spirit that comprise true wellness. She has created exercises and activities that help you delve into your own health as well as that of your clients, and helps you start to build your wellness coaching practice based on true confidence and broad-based knowledge. I not only learned a great deal, but enjoyed the journey.

Kathryn Burnett, ACC, CMC, LSW


I took Ann Marie McKelvey’s Wellness I class almost 2 years ago, at a time when I had made a commitment to improving my health. I liked the emphasis in the class on our creating our own wellness plans. Although I am an academic coach and not a wellness coach, per se, I have found that wellness issues often surface when I’m working with my clients, so the class has been very beneficial to me professionally as well as personally.

Dr. Mary Beth Averill, PhD


"I always looked forward to hearing Ann Marie’s positive, soothing voice. She has a magical way of bringing one out of the chaos that is life and back to an inner peace that allows for learning, understanding, and moving forward. She is a multi-talented, diversely-certified, and dedicated person who cares deeply about the learning and even more deeply about the person."

Martha Hennessey


Thank you for a wonderful class. I've put so much of what I've learned into practice! I'm much more aware of attaining balance and being mindful of my presence, or lack thereof. In addition, I've read more about Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and took out the DVD, Basics of NVC, from the library. My husband and I are watching it together and are learning a lot about communication.

Your class made a difference in my life!

With much warmth & gratitude,

Mona R. Spiegel, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist & Life Coach

About Ann Marie McKelvey

Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC, Wellness and Business Coach, Buddhist Chaplain, Psychotherapist, EMDR Consultant, and MentorCoach International Trainer also coaches fellows as well as student chaplains at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ann-Marie's work focuses on wellness through care of the caregiver, neurobiology, ecopsychology and peacemaking. While coaching, mentoring, or facilitating Ann-Marie utilizes Positive Psychology, EMDR and Nonviolent Communication as well as art, humour, and nature to co-actively enhance the well being of her clients.

Her personal wellness journey has led her to many parts of the world studying cognitively and experientially with neurobiologists, shamans, scientists, physicians, and anthropologists. Ann-Marie is a Zumba enthusiast as well as a beekeeper with eight hives and a chicken herder-egg gatherer with 14 hens.

Ann-Marie contributed two chapters, EMDR and Positive Psychology and EMDR and Coaching, to the book EMDR Solutions II: Depression, Eating Disorders, Performance and More published in March, 2009 by W.W. Norton Publishing.

Currently her singing mantra is "Slow down…you move too fast…you got to make the morning last…just kicking down the cobble stones…looking for fun and feeling groooovy!"

Ann-Marie has fun!

Ann Marie's websites are and

A Conversation with Ann-Marie McKelvey
Calling from 5-weeks of play and coaching in Maui, Ann-Marie talks about her upcoming class and what students can expect. She talks about her life, coaching from the beach and onsite with international clients from Paris to Abu Dhabi, positive psychology, and her belief about the future of coaching (23 mins.) Just click here. Or download mp3 here.

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