MCP 124: Foundations

Transform your personal  and professional life.


MCP 124: Foundations

Looking for an exciting step forward in your career? MentorCoach has helped hundreds of helping professionals transform their practices – practitioners like Carol Solomon, Ph.D., who was pleased to report, "I have built a thriving coaching practice in less than a year... It has changed my life!"

That's because MentorCoach builds on what you already know, as D'Arcy Vanderpool, MA discovered. Darcy writes that the MentorCoach coach training program gave her ". . .the chance to see how much I really knew about coaching and how much I actually did coaching in my clinical practice."

Put the benefits of the MentorCoach Training Program to work for you:

Master individual and group coaching skills.
Earn 31 weeks of CEUs
Develop marketing skills congruent with your values.
Learn effective ethics and risk management strategies.
Enjoy the rich support of your instructors and colleagues.

Your Instructor

Kim Kirmmse Toth, LCSW, ACC

Kim Kirmmse Toth is a business and life coach. She is also a licensed clinical social worker. She has a wide ranging professional background that includes 20 years of working with professionals. A licensed clinical social worker, Kim found her work with Managed Care to be increasingly less rewarding. This prompted her to begin coaching. And it is in coaching that she has found her true home.

Kim's is a graduate of the MentorCoach® Training Program. She is certified by both MentorCoach® and by the International Coach Federation.

She is also a senior member of the MentorCoach Trainer Team tasked with leading the Foundations Program. Kim is a graduate of Marty Seligman and Ben's Authentic Happiness Coaching Program and has infused her coaching and her life with the principles of Positive Psychology.

Kim's coaching practice has three key parts. First, she loves the ongoing growth that coaching brings her and loves to mentor her students as they make their own transitions. Second, she is a generalist with a practice that includes professionals and business people from many disciplines.

Third, she has a particular interest in coaching baby boomers who are contemplating retirement a decade or so down the road or have recently retired. She works with the non-financial side of retirement planning, a crucial area that many of her clients have ignored. She assists them to create psychological road maps that help them reinvent themselves as they move into the next chapters in their lives. Kim helps them find their new place in the world, one in which they can feel the joy and freedom of retirement while living a life of meaning and passion.

Kim is an avid skier, has traveled the world, and is an enthusiastic practitioner of both Hot Yoga and Power Yoga. Most meaningful to her is her family. She has a husband and two daughters, both undergraduates in college. From them she has learned what is truly important in this life.

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2. Three bi-monthly payments of $663 (regularly $750). Your credit card will be debited in the amount of $663 immediately upon enrollment and two additional bi-monthly payments of $663 (for a total of three payments of $663 which equals a total of $1989 (regularly $2250).

3. Eight monthly payments of $251 (regularly $750). Your credit card will be debited in the amount of $251 immediately upon enrollment and $251 on today's date in each of the next seven months (for a total of eight monthly payments of $251 which equals $2008 (regularly $2360 ).

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MCP 124

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8 payments of $251

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your enrollment at any time before the second one-hour teleclass and receive a full refund. You are responsible for the full tuition amount if you do not cancel your enrollment before the beginning of the second one-hour teleclass. All cancellations must be received in writing.

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