MentorCoach is proud to announce the following exciting master class:

With Anne Durand, MCC

1st and 3rd Wednesday, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Eastern
All time zones
Begins Wednesday September 18, 2013
Tuition: $595 or 3 payments of $210
(+ $75 for optional CEUs)
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The class will meet for six months: 12 Group Sessions 90 minutes in length, led by Anne Durand, plus six one-hour Individual Supervision Sessions with Anne Durand

NOTE: The Individual Coaching Supervision Master Class is NOT open to the public. It is open only to graduates of the Intensive Individual Coaching Skills Master Class.


The Individual Coaching Supervision Master Class is the most important class you will take in your training to be a coach.

Anne Durand, MCC, who developed and teaches this course, is a master coach, the highest credential the International Coach Federation grants. She currently serves on the Application Review Committee of the International Coach Federation and reviews applications from coaches for the ICF certification.

Anne brings this incredible professional experience, talent, and skill to her MentorCoach students in her Supervision classes where she works one-on-one with each student for six hours during the course of the class. Her intent focus helps each student to take giant steps toward their goals to become the best professional, certified coach possible.

Students who have been supervised by Anne Durand see enormous improvement in their coaching -- even if they have been coaching for years.

The class:
This advanced class gives you the opportunity to study a number of sensitive and important coaching issues that you will surely encounter at one time or another as you coach, and it will enhance and polish the skills you need to have to meet these challenges.

You will have a class on each of the following topics:

  • Ruptures and terminations with coaching clients and what to do if you're faced with the issue of rupture and termination.
  • Ethics guidelines for dealing with terminations
  • Advanced agenda skills
  • Inner Critic
  • Advanced Metaphor and Meta-view
  • Level 4 listening
  • Core competencies
  • discussion of two assigned books:
    Intuition: Its Powers and Perils by David G. Myers
    The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions by Esther M. Sternberg MD
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the written and oral examinations for certification and haven't had the answer. You will receive information such as what is on the specific rating sheet that will be used during the oral exam. Many students say that this final class on written and oral certification examinations is itself worth the price of tuition

    Nuts and bolts about the Supervision course:

  • The class meets as a group only two Wednesdays a month for 12 group sessions.
  • It is a 90-minute class -- 6:30 - 8:00pm ET (New York Time).
  • You will also meet with your instructor for 6 hours of direct supervision.
  • In addition to the regular tuition of $595, you will also pay an hourly fee to Anne, your trainer, for the 6 hours of direct one-on-one supervision that you and she will schedule together.
  • Supervision is required for certification.
  • Please register now. This required class can fill up very quickly.

    What is required for this class?

  • You must have taken both the Foundations Class and the Intensive Individual Coaching Skills MasterClass
  • When the class starts, you need to have at least 1 client who has given you permission for you to tape some of your sessions.

    When should I take this class?

  • If you have taken Intensive Individual Coaching Skills, you may take this course
  • That's a good time to build on the skills you have learned.
  • Some students prefer to wait until closer to the time for their final certification exam. Supervision does an excellent job of preparing you for your oral and written examinations. Keep in mind that you must have finished the group classes and all six hours of supervision before you can apply for certification.
  • During the group class, you will receive information on how to record client sessions for your supervision sessions with Anne.

    To hear more about Supervision, listen to a recent Question and Answer Call about the course:   Stream or Download

    Anne Durand's classes and attention to her students contribute to what sets MentorCoach apart as a premier coach-training school.

  • Coach Certification.
    This class provides 24 hours toward MentorCoach Certification as an elective for students meeting the class attendance requirement

    ICF Coach Continuing Education
    This class is also approved for 24 CCEs (ICF Core Competencies) from the International Coach Federation for students meeting the class attendance requirement There is no fee for ICF CCEs.

    Graduates of this class will be able to earn 24 hours of CEUs for social workers (NASW), licensed counselors (NBCC), and Marriage and Family Therapists in California (BBS). The CEU administration fee is $75. CEUs for psychologists (APA) are not provided for this class.

    To receive credit for CEUs, students must pay the CEU fee and be present for 80% of the class hours (19.5 class hours).
    Note: The CEU fee applies only if you are a licensed mental health professional in the US and need CEUs from one of the organizations listed above (NASW, NBCC, etc.) Otherwise, when you register, indicate that you do not need to pay the CEU fee when you register. ("Base Unit Price with No CEUs").

    Attendance Requirements.
    To receive credit for CEUs, ICF CEs, credit toward MentorCoach Certification, or to receive a Certificate of Completion, students must be present for 19.5 of the 24 class hours. (How do you receive credit for attendance for half of a class? By being present for only the first or second half of the class.)


    When you absolutely insist on obtaining supervision from only the VERY best - put your trust and confidence in Anne Durand. Anne is a fabulous master coach, gifted teacher and generous mentor. The individual and group supervision and class instruction I received from Anne Durand elevated my coaching skills and confidence to higher, more solid ground than I ever expected! Your climb toward coaching excellence is definitely more attainable with Anne Durand as guide.
    Vicki Bridge, MA RMFT

    Anne Durand's supervision creates a safe place to practice one's coaching skills and is invaluable in learning how to coach using the co-active method. I can't imagine being able to be certified without her skillful, artistic supervision.
    Joanne Irving, PhD


    Anne Durand is an executive coach who specializes in life and business issues for executives working in corporate, non-profit, academic and small business spheres. Anne launched her private coaching career after 20 years as an executive for one of the world's major financial institutions where she worked directly for the CEO, coaching him and his staff through a delicate corporate cultural change. In addition, in 1985 she opened a gallery selling contemporary American glass art which has been featured in national magazines and the Washington Post, and filmed for the Travel Channel. She sold the gallery in 1999 and now exclusively focuses on her work coaching executives.

    Anne serves as CEO and coordinates the MCP Training Team, the group of senior clinician-coaches who lead our MentorCoach® Programs, and leads our Business/Executive Coaching Master Classes, which are part of the MentorCoach® Certification Program.

    Anne Durand, MCC,
    MentorCoach Training Director
    1st and 3rd Wednesday, 6:30pm ET


    One hour each month for six months - This is in ADDITION to the regular class time.
    September 18, 2013
    Six Months--12 Group Sessions 90 minutes in length;
    AND six one-hour Individual Supervision Sessions (payable directly to the Instructor, you do not pay for these now)
    Individual Coaching Skills Master Class
    *REQUIRED* for Certification
    24 hours of CEUs

    $595 or 3 payments of $210
    (+ $75 for optional CEUs)  
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