with Kim Kirmmse Toth

Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern
Beginning April 28, 2009

About the Class

This master class focuses on teaching students to coach their clients using Positive Psychology and Strategic Career Design interventions.

Students will learn how to transition clients from career burn out and toxic work environments to meaningful careers that provide more wealth, time, freedom, and meaning. They will also learn how to help clients recraft their current jobs into more satisfying work and, at times, into deeply rewarding callings.

The course material will focus on the literature from positive psychology and its applications to career decisions, assessment tools, career selection, career recrafting and strategic career design.

Students will learn how to assist clients with finding their career passion and life mission, identifying their character strengths, and discovering the paths to career happiness.

Coaching students will learn practical tools to expand business with executives, businesses, and individual clients with case studies and live coaching sessions. Students will be trained to apply their career coaching skills across the life span development with clients from early career, midlife, retirement and to those in the last third of life who are starting anew and plan never to retire.

Class Syllabus

Class 1: Introduction and Overview

Class 2: Introduction and Overview

Class 3: Why? Career & Values Part I

Class 4: Why? Careers & Values Part II

Class 5: What? Overview of Assessments & Approaches Part I

Class 6: What? Overview of Assessments & Approaches Part II

Class 7: Frequently Used Assessment Tools

Class 8: Frequently Used Assessments Tools

Class 9: Why? Jobs, Careers & Callings Part I

Class 10: Why? Jobs, Careers & Callings Part II

Class 11: Who? People, Data & Things

Class 12: Who? Clients & Colleagues

Class 13: Where? The World of Work & Informational Resources

Class 14: Where? Physical Setting & Degree of Movement

Class 15: The Nature & Challenges of Career Transitions

Class 16: Turning Points for Career Transition

Class 17: Taking Control of Your Career

Class 18: Work/Life Balance

Class 19: Networking, Interviewing & Self-Marketing

Class 20: Self-Marketing

Class 21: Putting it all together Part I

Class 22: Putting it all together Part II

Class 23: Common Obstacles & Solutions Part I

Class 24: Common Obstacles & Solutions Part II

About Kim Kirmmse Toth

Kim has an expertise in empowering women to tap into their strengths throughout their lives. She encourages continual growth with a non stop optimism in helping women reach even the loftiest of goals. She works primarily with Baby Boomer women 55-70, on the non-financial side of retirement planning. The “what are you going to do with the rest of your life?” piece. This is also a stage of life that is full of transitions, which can be challenging as well as exciting.

She has over 23 years experience as a licensed clinical social worker in private practice and is a Certified Life Coach. She is an author, trainer, live group and Teleclass leader.

Kim is an International Trainer with Mentor Coach. Kim is a member of the International Coach Federation, the Denver Coach Federation and NASW.

Kim is privileged and honored to work with women who choose to live their lives as growing, compassionate women, who balance themselves well and love who they are.

Her websites are: www.positiveaginginc.com and www.redhotretirement.com

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