Special Additional $75 Discount for Graduates
of Chris' Applications in Action

Full-tuition Graduates of Chris' Application in Action Master Classes are eligible to receive an additional $75 discount. This discount is to honor more than 200 graduates of Chris' original, magnificent Applications in Action Master Classes, classes that received the best evaluations in MentorCoach history.

Chris' new class--Positive Psychology and Well-Being--will, in part, supplement and build on the original Applications in Action classes, bringing the latest research and Chris' thinking over the intervening years. Because there will be both new and old students in the class, there may be some overlap. Chris intends that this class will be an exceptional learning experience for both Application in Action graduates and others.


Positive Psychology and Well Being

Positive Psychology and Well-Being

8 Mondays starting January 30, 2012
1:00 - 1:59 pm Eastern (New York time)
All Time Zones

Tuition: $597 + optional CEU fee
For Monthly Payments Options: See Monthly Payments below**

How Do I Claim My $75 Discount?

1. Register with your Discount Registration Code.
Email our office (info@mentorcoach.com) to request your Discount Registration Code. In the subject line put in all caps AA DISCOUNT REGISTRATION-Your Name. For example: AA DISCOUNT REGISTRATION-Marilyn Fox. In the body tell us your contact information, email, phone number, and when you took Applications in Action. We'll check our records and send you your Discount Registration Code. You'll enter it when you register.

2. Register initially without the discount. Then email us at info@mentorcoach.com, give your contact information and when you took Applications in Action (AA). We'll credit you with the discount.

3. Register by telephone. Call us at 301-986-5688.

4. Mail your registration with a check made out to MentorCoach LLC to:
Attn: Applications in Action Class
4400 East West Hwy/Ste 1104
Bethesda, MD 20814


**Monthly Payments

Tuition. $597 (+ optional $75 CEU fee)
Special Discount for Graduates of Chris' Applications in Action

Monthly Payments

Regular Tuition: There are two ways to pay your regular tuition!

1. $597 in advance + optional CEU Fee of $75
For Graduates of Chris' Applications in Action Classes, $75 will be deducted from the total

2. Three monthly payments of $210 + optional CEU fee
For Graduates of Chris' Applications in Action Classes, $75 will be deducted from the total.


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