Mastering Wellness Coaching Interventions is a 14-week training experience taught by Dr. Darlene Trandel. It focuses on teaching the specific interventions you'll use as a wellness coach.

Mastering Wellness Coaching Interventions
with Darlene Trandel, Ph.D., MSN, RN/FNP, PCC

The Tuesday Section
Tuesday at 11:00 am Eastern
Starts Tuesday January 22, 2013
14 classes of 60 minutes each
Counts toward MentorCoach Certification
$595.00 (plus optional $75.00 for CEU's)

Provides 14 hours of CEUS for social workers (NASW), licensed counselors (NBCC), and marriage and family therapists in California. Provides 14 hours of CCEs for the International Coach Federation.

Become a Certified Wellness Coach. By taking this course, you will have completed 14 hours toward certification as a Certified Wellness Coach.


Mastering Wellness Coaching Interventions is designed to put the wellness coach's skill-set into action by helping you coach your clients towards their goals of improved lifestyle choices.

We will focus on issues that initially bring clients to the wellness coach such as poor diet, overweight/obesity, inactivity, increased stress, energy depletion, sleeping difficulties or tobacco use.

We'll also discuss issues unique to teens, pre-post pregnancy, menopause and aging.

And we'll explore evidence-based coaching models of change that have particular use with clients seeking to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

You will leave with your own personal toolbox of interventions that you can use with clients who seek coaching for health and wellness challenges.

Prerequisite: Ordinarily the prerequisite for this class is Darlene's "Mastering Wellness Coaching: Healthy Lifestyles." Many of the students will have just completed that class. However, you can take this class without the prerequisite with Darlene's permission. She just needs a short phone call with you to make sure you have an adequate background in the wellness arena. You can reach Darlene at darlene.trandel @

Wellness Coaching Interventions

1. Introduction to Coaching Interventions
2. Coaching Behavior Change: Motivating the Client to Change Health Behavior and Improving the Capacity to Change
3. Overcoming Immunity to Change and Strategies to Sustain Health Behavior
4. Tipping the Scales: Coaching Weight Management Issues: (Part I)
5. Tipping the Scales: Coaching Weight Management Issues: (Part II)
6. Coaching the Couch Potato - Getting Clients Moving
7. Putting out the Light - Coaching for Smoking Cessation
8. Sleep/Energy Management
9. Integrative/complementary therapies
10. Going from Surviving to Thriving
11. Coaching Teens
12. Coaching pre-post Pregnancy -
13. Coaching Clients through Menopause and Man-opause
14. Aging - Staying Young and Healthy


"Wellness Coaching Interventions" provides 14 weeks of continuing education credits for pyschologists, social workers, and licensed counselors and LCSW's and MFT's in California. "Wellness Coaching Interventions" also provides 14 hours of CCE's for the International Coach Federation. It also provides 14 hours toward certification as a Certified Wellness Coach.

About Darlene Trandel

Dr. Darlene TrandelDARLENE TRANDEL, PhD, MSN, RN/FNP, PCC as an experienced advanced practice nurse clinician, educator, researcher, and coach, understands the importance of caring for the whole person. With her knowledge of healthcare research, clinical experience and coach training, her passion focuses around assisting clients to reach higher levels of health/wellness/vitality, prevent and reduce the risk of disease and better manage chronic conditions with lifestyle adjustments.

After years of teaching, research and clinical practice handing out prescriptions for chronic disease she became frustrated knowing that clients needed more than the healthcare system offered to keep patients healthy, prevent disease and better manage chronic conditions -- they needed help to live at their best with their health state. She believes that help is coaching.

Darlene received her academic training at the University of Virginia, University of Washington and Harvard University and has many years of clinical experience coupled with faculty appointments in research and teaching at University of Virginia, University of Washington and University of North Carolina. She is licensed as a Family Nurse Practitioner and certified in chronic care. As an author, Darlene published over 30 articles in professional journals and text book chapters and authored the 364-page book, Nursing and the Law. Darlene is an advisory board member and research consultant in chronic care for the Health Sciences Institute.

Humanitarian work plays an important role in Darlene's life. For the past 12 years she has organized, directed and led, Building Bridges with Ecuador, an ongoing humanitarian program providing supplies, support and community service to indigenous Andean villages near Otavalo, Ecuador. Each summer, she and her family organize 40-50 volunteers to provide medical care, school education programs and community construction services in the rural villages.

Out of her passion to assist and partner with clients and organizations who are motivated to optimize their health status, prevent or reduce the risk of chronic conditions, and manage self-care in chronic disease, she founded The HealthCare Coach.

Darlene is a fulltime wellness coach. She lives with her family in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Her website is and she can be reached at

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