Make Your Job a Calling
Helping Clients Change Their Lives at Work
Through the Science and Practice of Vocation

This class is so extraordinary. Last week after class, I heard three senior coaches put Bryan’s class into perspective. They’d all been in our super star classes over the last 15 years with teachers ranging from Marty Seligman to Roy Baumeister, Sonja Lyubomirsky, and Barb Fredrickson.

They said no one has had a richer class, more exceptional teaching skills, and unparalleled focus on exactly how to help someone find a more meaning-filled, purposeful work life.

The emphasis on application is the best I’ve ever seen.

To get full credit for the course, you must be present live (by listening live by teleconference, turning in attendance codes afterwards) for 80% of the classes.

Ordinarily we would have passed that point where people could get full credit for CEs, ICF CCEs (Core Comptencies) or credit toward certification.

However, Bryan has volunteered to teach a repeat of classes 1 and 2, in January. So now you have until this Thursday, 11/19 to register and still get full credit.

Further, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. You have until the start of the class on 12/3 to request a full refund. No questions asked. So there’s no risk!

Students in the class are so excited. The PowerPoints and lecture are important and riveting. The readings and videos are wonderful. You can do this! Please join us.

Enroll Now  Enroll Now

Or take the class by recording! You can get 8 hours of ICF CCEs (Resource Development) by listening to the class by recording. It will be the same as being there. Great PowerPoints, professional recordings of each class. You can join as late as January 6, 2016 and still complete the class by recording. You then have all the materials for life. More details here.

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