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Intensive Group Coaching Master Class
Instructor: Christine Martin, MA, MBA, MCC

…for the fearlessly committed coach who's wanting to and willing to develop a successful group (and/or team) coaching practice.

The course is designed to be a group coaching experience. We'll go through all the "forming, storming, norming and performing" that your group will go through. We'll have our own Blog! You will also have the opportunity to practice leading a group of your peers and/or starting an outside group (pro bono at first). Yes, it's didactic too … we will expand what you learned in Foundations.

Testimonials about last spring's class:

"I'd recommend your Intensive Group Coaching class to anyone who wants not just to learn group coaching but to also learn to understand the dynamics of any group. I especially enjoyed how you ran the class and encouraged sharing within the group. As a leader you amazed me with how you interacted with such a large group and seemed to learn from us as we did from you." …Gary Hillman MBA, EE (IGC-7)

"It took Christine Martin all of 20 minutes to articulate for me what remains the most helpful coaching suggestion I have heard to this date. Christine brings great capacity for learning and teaching to the Group Coaching class. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding ICF standards and the history and practice of group coaching. An experienced entrepreneur, she is kind and feisty, serious and funny, professional and approachable, and energetic besides. The group coaching class with Christine had a great dynamic, with student learning and client benefit the top two strengths of the class.' …Virginia Hurley, Ed.D (IGC-7)

"Christine Martin's class on group coaching was very helpful to me in kicking-off my group coaching practice. During the first few classes, she sharing how she structured our "group coaching" experience with set times to keep on track. This was so helpful that after testing it with my first group, I use that strategy now with all of my groups. Her insight and experience with groups was also extremely helpful and she has a great feel for how to advertise when you are ready to begin your marketing for group coaching! I highly recommend this class." … Pat Hinton Walker, RN, PhD (IGC-7)


A high performance business and executive coach since 1992, Christine Martin is Founder and Principal of Innovation Coaching, LLC ( With over 6,000 hours of professional coaching as her background, she currently coaches the next generation of leaders for NASA.

Christine's experience with groups includes over a decade of graduate and undergraduate teaching both traditionally and virtually, group mentor coaching, large group facilitation using coaching as the model, and training managers and U.S. Air Force officers in the use of coaching techniques for managing.

Christine's contributions to the ICF include work as a 2004 and 2005 Vice President of the Board of Directors. She chaired the Credentialing Committee in 2006 and was the oversight chair for the ICF global credentialing initiative during 2005 and 2006.