MentorCoach is proud to announce the following NEW MasterClass:

Executive Coaching Assessments

The Coaching Assessments Master Class
with Anne Durand, MCC
Jul Marie Hermosisima

8 classes of 60 minutes each
Monday 12:00 pm - 12:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones
Starts Monday, September 24, 2012
Tuition: $595 (plus optional $75 for ceu's)
Prerequisite: None

Online enrollment coming soon.

Anne DurandJul Marie Hermosisima
Listen to Anne and Jul talk about their new class (15 mins.).


Experienced coaches...Experienced executive coaches..Students who are entirely new to the field...Students with little experience or confidence in their ability to do executive coaching (Learning to do assessments can be a great confidence-building step.)...Coaches who intend to apply the assessments in other areas of coaching.



The Executive Coaching Assessments MasterClass will give you an in-depth look at how you can use assessments to create coaching interventions which will deliver measurable results.

Assessments are an essential tool for executive coaching and extremely useful in other coaching niches. When choosing executive coaches, organizations often ask the candidate, "What 360 instrument do you use?" "What assessments do you use?" You need to have an answer for these questions--even if you ultimately end up not using assessments with the client.

The assessments covered will include two 360 feedback tools and an assessment that identifies conflict among teams. One assessment focuses on identifying and leveraging thinking styles. The second assessment helps with team management. And the third assessment tool combines the VIA with Gallup research for a unique approach to strengths in the workplace.

The assessments are a valuable way to identify organizational culture. They share other cutting edge resources and tools that businesses currently use. The process also allows the coach and client to bond.

More to the point, they are an essential tool for anyone who would do executive coaching. Essential for practice. Essential for your marketing.

Students will receive copies of all instruments with detailed instructions on how and when to utilize them.

There is no pre-requisite for this class.


  • Contents of various assessments
  • The intent for using each assessment
  • When to leverage each assessment type
  • How to administer each assessment type
  • How to interpret results
  • How to deliver results
  • Tools/resources to help your coaching client develop his/her plan
  • Leveraging assessments for teams/intact work groups


Anne DurandAnne Durand is an executive coach who specializes in life and business issues for executives working in corporate, non-profit, academic and small business spheres. Anne launched her private coaching career after 20 years as an executive for one of the world's major financial institutions where she worked directly for the CEO, coaching him and his staff through a delicate corporate cultural change. In addition, in 1985 she opened a gallery selling contemporary American glass art which has been featured in national magazines and the Washington Post, and filmed for the Travel Channel. She sold the gallery in 1999 and now exclusively focuses on her work coaching executives.

Anne serves as CEO and coordinates the MCP Training Team, the group of senior clinician-coaches who lead our MentorCoach® Programs, and leads our Business/Executive Coaching Master Classes, which are part of the MentorCoach® Certification Program.


Jul Marie HermosisimaJul Hermosisima has partnered with Anne Durand in co-teaching the Executive Coaching MasterClass since 2008. Jul holds degrees in business administration, international business, and public administration. She has 30+ years of experience working at the world renowned Toyota University, specializing in training and development. She has created and implemented a wide variety of educational and training programs for executives at all levels of Toyota Motor Sales around the world.

She was the first person in Toyota to use 360 degree assessments and has two decades of expertise in the use of a wide range of assessments in executive coaching. She also serves as an Advisory Council Member of a key Toyota business partnering group: TODOS -Toyota Organization for the Development of LatinOS.

Jul lives in Southern California with her husband of 25+ years and is blessed with three children (10, 20, 22). She is very active in her youngest child's school and is the care-taker of her mum, age 80, who has dementia. She also works with the Boys and Girls Clubs of East Los Angeles, Safety for Life, Su Casa, and Careers for High School Students.

Jul's website is

Anne Durand and Jul Hermosisima
Wednesday 5:00 - 5:59 pm Eastern
Wednesday February 8, 2012
2 months (8 Wednesdays)
Yes. Counts toward certification.
Yes, eight hours of CEUs (only relevant for licensed mental health professionals in the US).

You can receive a 100%, no-questions-asked tuition refund at any time before the beginning of the second class. After the beginning of the second class, you are responsible for your full tuition payment.


$595 (+ $75 for optional CEUs)

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