MentorCoach is proud to announce a new Master Class:

Coaching Leaders Master Class


With Kevyn Malloy, PhD, PCC
MentorCoach Director of Learning

Starts May 2018
8 classes of 60 minutes each
8 hours of CEs and ICF CCEs

8 required hours toward Executive Coaching Certification
8 hours toward Certified MentorCoach Certification

or 3 payments of $215
(plus optional $75 for CEs)
Prerequisite: None

Become a Certified Executive Coach. By taking this course, you will have completed 8 hours toward the 52 training hours required for certification as a Certified Executive Coach (CEC). Click here for more certification information.

1. About Coaching Positive Leaders

Business executives and organizational leaders can make a real difference in the world but many of them do not understand what they need to know in order to have a positive impact on the employees, companies and organizations they lead. Many have been promoted to top positions because they have executed specific work skill sets well, but have not acquired the skills and competencies that it takes to be a successful positive leader.

In eight one-hour classes, we will look at positive leadership coaching and how it is different than other areas of executive coaching. We will learn the leadership competencies, skills and techniques that are key to leadership development and what will motivate leaders to create positive change. You will hear some specifics about Kevyn's years coaching leaders in a wide range of businesses and organizations.

This interactive class will address some of the challenges and benefits of positive leadership and how coaching can maximize the benefits while working with the challenges in a productive manner. Students will be encouraged to share their experiences in coaching leaders, and several case studies will be shared so that students can look at best practices for coaching.

In the last class, we will explore ways to grow your business of coaching leaders. The goal of this class is to have you feel competent to coach positive leaders effectively.

2. The Eight Weeks



Class #1 Overview of Positive Leadership

Class #2 How Leadership Coaching Is Different

Class #3 Leading With Strengths

Class #4 Positive Leadership Core Competencies

Class #5 Motivation For Positive Leadership

Class #6 Skills and Techniques

Class #7 What Gets In The Way?

Class #8 The Business of Coaching Positive Leaders

3. In this class we will learn:

  • what Positive Leadership is and how it differs from other models.

  • strategies that leaders use for positive outcomes.

  • the core competencies, skills and techniques of positive leaders.

  • the "how to" of sustained positive development and change.

  • the special challenges for positive leaders and how coaches can help.

  • how coaches can model effective coaching for positive leaders use within their organization.

  • how to attract, sustain and work with executives and other leaders.


4. Who Should Attend?

This course is relevant to anyone interested in leadership and in facilitating the leadership of others. It is based on the literature, on the trainer's experience as a leader, and on her experience coaching leaders in a wide range of corporate, and non-profit settings. We anticipate a range of students in this class--from those with experience working with leaders and executives to those who are interested in exploring whether to add leadership coaching to their skill set.

5. Tuition: $595

For CE information, see below.

Monthly Payments
Regular Tuition: There are two ways to pay your regular tuition!
1. $595 in advance
2. Three monthly payments of $210.

6. Readings: The text for this class is Coaching Leaders by Daniel White. Other suggested readings will be given during the course.


7. Open to All

There are no prerequisites for this class. It is open to all, both within the MentorCoach Community and without.

8. What People Say About Kevyn as a Teacher

"Couldn't be happier with the flow, content and teaching style."

"Kevyn is an incredibly generous instructor who is available and approachable. I so appreciate the care she takes in helping each student to thrive."

"Kevyn went above and beyond to help us reach our goals and to learn."

"She teaches with knowledge of the subject, is able to give real time examples and does it all with an endearing sense of humor."

9. Attendance Requirements

Every class is recorded. You may listen to some or all of the classes by recording at your leisure.

However, to receive credit for CEs, ICF CCEUs (Core Competencies), credit toward MentorCoach Certification, or to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must be present for 6.5 of the 8 classes. (How do you receive attendance credit for half of a class? By being present only at the beginning or end of a class.)


10. Certification

Yes. Counts eight (8) hours toward MentorCoach® and International Coach Federation Certification. Again, to receive credit for certification, students must be counted present for 6.5 of the eight classes. Listening to the class by recording does not count toward the attendance requirement for certification.

11. CEs

Coaching Positive Leaders provides eight (8) hours of CEs for Social Workers (NASW), and, in California, for Marriage and Family Therapists (BBS). Internationally, meets criteria for eight (8) hours of Continuing Coach Education with the International Coach Federation.

Note: The Optional $75 CE fee applies only if you are a licensed mental health professional in the US and need CEs for Social Workers (NASW), and, in California, for Marriage and Family Therapists (BBS). Otherwise, indicate you do not want CEs when you register.

To receive credit for CEs, students must be present for 6.5 of the eight classes. Listening to the class by recording does not count toward the attendance requirement for receiving CEs.


12. ICF CCEs


MentorCoach is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program. This class Provides ICF Continuing Coach Education (8 ICF CCES- 8 hrs Core Competencies). There is no charge for ICF CCEs. To receive credit for CEs, students must be present for 6.5 of the eight classes. Listening to the class by recording does not count toward the attendance requirement for receiving CEs.


13. Refund Policy

You may withdraw your registration at any time before the beginning of the second one hour class and receive a full refund. You are responsible for the full tuition amount if you do not withdraw before the beginning of the second class.

About Kevyn Malloy, Ph.D., PCC
MentorCoach Director of Learning

Kevyn MalloyKevyn Malloy serves as Director of Learning and is responsible for working with Anne Durand to provide leadership to the trainer team and to every aspect of the MentorCoach learning community.

Kevyn enjoyed an active psychotherapy practice for 24 years specializing in family relationships and individual life transition counseling. She closed that practice in December, 2004, to devote full time to executive and personal coaching.

Before receiving an M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Temple University, she taught high school English and then became the owner/manager of a popular resort area restaurant.

She is the co-founder of Evergreen Seminars, a leadership development company that helps medical executives to recognize and develop leadership potential through coaching. She conducts workshops for members of boards of non-profits on leadership development and strategic planning. Through her company, Extremely Rare Coaching, she coaches partners in family owned restaurants to balance family and business needs, achieve restaurant success, and have great fun doing it. Kevyn is on a select executive coaching team that provides executive coaching to the senior business leaders who comprise the student body in the Smeal College of Business of Penn State University's Executive MBA program.

Kevyn is passionate about teaching Foundations classes, and loves helping students to experience the excitement of coaching others to rediscover their dreams and act on them. She is energized by the enthusiasm that students display when they gain confidence in their level of skill and ability to attract clients.
Kevyn brings a great curiosity about and love of people to coaching and is awed by coaching's power to change people's lives. She has a raucous sense of humor, enthusiasm for adventure, and a passion for encouraging others to live life to the fullest.

Coaching allows Kevyn and her husband to live and work in Vermont for five months and in Bucks County, PA for seven months of the year. Her website is

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