What Students Are Saying About MentorCoach's "Make Your Job a Calling" Master Class


"I think Bryan has found his "calling" and we are the lucky recipients of his gifts."

"With my own clients, "calling" has been a surprising fellow traveler on the road to discovering their best life, popping up at the busy intersection of life transition, stress, and health. Bryan's approach gives me a way in to explore more fully what's in the knapsack. And he's a terrific raconteur to boot!"

"Bryan Dik is a wonderful teacher. His definitions are clear, he's able to "translate" scientific studies into everyday language, and his answers to student questions are informative. I really enjoy the practical applications to coaching. Thanks for this fantastic class. I can't wait to hear what comes next!"

"I'm thrilled about the Bryan's class! Love his approach, love the diversity and thoughtfulness of info/inquiry, love his manner."

"I was on the fence about enrolling until the last minute. I'm very glad that I did! Great lecture--rich with thought-provoking ideas and useful applications."

"The class has just enough academic learning. The real surprise is the application learning that I can incorporate in my coaching practice. I anticipate that the balance of the classes and readings will be just as practical."

"Bryan brings us real depth of analysis, great stories, useful glimpses of methodology and practical ways to apply his ideas in coaching--a truly winning combination."

"I have been interested in the question of 'calling' for many years, especially as it relates to connecting who you are to what you do. This is an elusive question for many, but at the heart of what clients are seeking in career coaching (at least in my limited experience, so far). I attended your interview with Bryan earlier this summer, bought his book and now his class is proving to be invaluable to my greater understanding and application of the concept of calling in my coaching approach. He provides a solid theoretical and philosophical foundation, great organization through the PowerPoint presentation and--the best!--really great questions for clients to encourage them to explore their own understanding of calling. Thanks - great class!"

"No one will want to multitask in this class! Bryan articulately offers an ideal mix of story, research, and application. I already have great take-aways to use with clients."

"Really important background research/science. Most important, great powerful questions we can use in coaching! The powerful questions that he provided all of us in class would be GREAT additions to our powerful coaching questions! Good fit related to the work by Tom Rath in his Fully Charged interview and book that we are now using in our Health and Wellness classes. GREAT CLASS!"

"The class is great. Stories that tied in with the information keep the lecture moving. This topic is of great interest to me and I look forward to the next seven sessions."

"Bryan is an outstanding teacher. He starts out with a story that gets you hooked rather than with a bunch of dry definitions and statistics. The fact that he teaches us how to apply the material within the context of coaching is a plus too. I find his teaching to be exceptionally compelling."

"From the informative slides to his terrific Q and A after class, Bryan delivers wellness/well-being wisdom backed by research. With his very specific questions you use with yourself and/or your clients, he sketches specific formats to help discover ways to make your career your calling."

"Engaging and warmly human, Bryan's vivid and informative stories are energizing. Exciting material you can use right away. Thank you Ben and Bryan. I love this class!"

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