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Positive Psychology and Well Being

The ADHD Medication Rules Master Class
Faculty: Dr. Charles Parker

When: 4 Tuesdays

Starts: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time: 7:00 - 7:59 pm Eastern (New York time)
6:00 - 6:59 pm Central (Dallas time)
5:00 - 5:59 pm Mountain (Denver time)
4:00 - 5:59 pm Pacific (LA time)
All Time Zones

Tuition: $395 (+ $75 for optional CEUs)


Dr. Charles ParkerHear Dr. Charles "Chuck" Parker, psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, and nationally recognized ADHD expert, talk about this new Master Class with Ben Dean (23 mins.) Just click here.

Dr. Chuck Parker On ADHD and OCD



ADHD is the most frequently misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated psychiatric condition on the planet. Fresh neuroscience data spells out measurable underlying factors that resolve the paradox that too many simply aren't thinking about thinking. Metacognition matters.

In the last 10 years, incredible neuroscientific evidence about the communication networks between the brain, the endocrine system and the immune system have encouraged a complete rethinking of many psychiatric platitudes and inadequate labels currently used for ADHD coaching and care giving.

These measurable biomedical data points, from functional brain imaging to specific laboratory testing often dramatically improve treatment outcomes, as previously limited ADHD targets change from descriptive, static labels to dynamically driven functional assessments.

During this course, each of these various data points will be woven into the presentation so that even casual listeners will receive valuable take-home lessons on immunity, endocrine dysfunction and new neurotransmitter information that they can use after every class.

Consider just this single question: How many consider the physical metabolic body through which any meds must pass before they reach the brain? Chuck can tell you based on thousands of second opinions that the answer is, "Very few".

Yet from a common sense point of view we intuitively know that the more we ignore those undeniable biomedical paths, the more unpredictable the medical outcomes. New territories need new maps, and these new maps will differentiate those who take this course from those who simply don't know the new questions to ask.

These informative ADHD assessment and treatment meetings will help anyone at any level consider more comprehensive ADHD diagnostic and treatment options for application anywhere in the world. From drug interactions, to comorbid conditions, to breakfast and sleep, to the commonplace challenges of adjusting medication dosage, ADHD treatment challenges beg for practical, understandable translation.

As a graduate of MCP2 with Ben (the second MentorCoach Foundations Program), Chuck appreciates the value of team review, team understanding, and team distance learning. His philosophy is simple: neuroscience evidence will change your thinking about ADHD. And with the informed use of the new mind-science and with your own informed common sense, you will find straightforward ways to apply this evidence in your own life and in the lives of others.

Every day, Chuck teaches these new-science approaches to medical colleagues, coaches, consultants, the public, and to the clients in his consulting rooms. As a writer [Deep Recovery, ADHD Medication Rules, The CorePsych Blog], he has received feedback from thousands of readers, and thousands of medical practitioners--a rare diversity of input that differentiates Chuck's unique perspective, and peppers his deep on-the-road experience with unlimited examples of what-to-do-next. For Chuck, teaching is learning.

Let's work together to improve our success rate in helping our brilliant, insightful ADHD clients bring their gifts to the world. Join Chuck to become part of the mind change that will be taking place too soon for the unprepared.


Week 1

If you don't know the targets, if you can't more specifically identify the functional challenges associated with ADHD, you can't see the improvement. This week covers the details of the new brain science as it applies to pre-frontal cortical function in the office. Without target recognition, medication adjustment remains a mystery.

Week 2

The very next set of problems that must be addressed are the metabolic variables, the biomedical details of the person's rate of metabolism and possible conditions that could interfere with medication accuracy. Fasten your seat belts.

Week 3

Mind data evolution, the new brain science, provides even more common sense answers if only you know the other details - measure and understand those other details that often interfere with predictable outcomes. You don't have to have a medical degree to get it. The public in our offices gets it every day, so professionals at all levels can also sharpen their treatment insights. Be prepared so your next client can have this information.

Week 4

Every day, with every med check, dosage and medication titration prove absolutely necessary. This last meeting provides the details of how you can take the first three meetings into more specific applications with the DOE (Duration of Effectiveness) and the nuances of the Therapeutic Window Changes. Each of our class meetings will include metaphors you can use in your practice. In this final class, you will also learn about chicken catching as it applies to synaptic function.


Positive Psychology and Well Being

The course entails readings from a primary text--Charles Parker's ADHD Medication Rules: Paying Attention to the Meds for Paying Attention.
It's available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon here.
It's available in PDF format here.
In addition, Chuck will share relevant research articles, videos, and blog entries.


Graduates of this class will be able to earn four hours of CEUs for psychologists (APA), social workers (NASW), licensed counselors (NBCC), and Marriage and Family Therapists in California (BBS). Please note these CEUs are relevant only for licensed mental health professionals in the United States. If you are not a licensed mental health professional in the US, you do not need these CEUS and you should not pay the CEU fee.

Attendance Requirement for CEUs. Before paying for CEUs, please note the attendance requirement! You must be present--actually listening on the phone, real time--for all four classes. To document their live attendance on each call, students email in the class attendance codes (given at the start and end of the class) within 24 hours of end of Chuck's lecture.

International Coach Federation. There will also be 4 hours of coach continuing education credits for members of the International Coach Federation. You do not need to pay the CEU fee for coach continuing ed credits.

Certified Mentor Coach (CMC). The class will also count toward MentorCoach and ICF Certification for MentorCoach students. Again to qualify, you must be present ("live") for all 4 calls.


Dr. Charles ParkerDr. Charles ("Chuck") Parker, a child and adult psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist, is nationally recognized for his writing, pharmaceutical presentations and innovative, yet scientifically based practice initiatives for ADHD medication and treatment. Chuck is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Certified for SPECT brain imaging by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He will teach his eminently practical "ADHD Medication Rules" by teleconference from his medical offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For every client, every day, details matter. Chuck will share those details with you. Chuck has a fulltime psychiatric practice and also speaks and consults across the nation to physicians, coaches, consultants, and the public. He is active on twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. He writes the The CorePsych Blog and is the author of Deep Recovery and ADHD Medication Rules.


After spending my professional career working with ADHD children and adults in my psychology and coaching practices, teaching the ADHD Coaching classes at MentorCoach, and in presentations internationally, I can tell you that Dr. Chuck Parker is the real thing. Chuck is brilliant, unpretentious, cutting-edge, a gifted teacher, deeply engaged in the field both with his own patients, with the research, and in his keynotes and consultations to physicians and professionals everywhere. I have worked with Chuck in the past and I know this will be a great class. I'm taking it because I want to hear the latest on ADHD medications from Chuck.

--Alan Graham, Ph.D., PCC, SCAC, ACP Consultants
Board Member, Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC)


At the risk of sounding like a shill, let me begin with JUST SIGN UP and BE THERE!

I am enthusiastically and unreservedly recommending Chuck's classes as a multi-certified coaching/coach training pioneer working with ADD since the mid-late 80's. I am the co-founder of the ADD Coaching field, developer and deliverer of the world's first ADD-specific Coach Training and 7 Global ADD Hours/support groups (including the ADD Professionals Expert Speakers Series), and a bunch of other firsts. I trained many of my colleagues who are now training others. I am also the self-professed ADD Poster Girl, researching with personal agenda.

In my opinion, CP's work is the FIRST (and, right now, ONLY) look at Executive Functioning Dysregulation causes and interventions through the lens of the body and realities of biology -- with an eye on a multi-faceted compilation of his in-depth knowledge of scientific findings from the fields of neurology, neuropsychology, cell biology, psycho-pharmacology, patient care, and life success/motivational strategies.

Don't let that scare you - he speaks in plain English, is personable, warm and funny, VERY clear, and can answer questions at all levels with brilliance, sensitivity and compassion. Whether you are a coach, therapist, neuro-anything, medical doctor, or ADDer who wants to know first-hand, you will be well-served in this brief, virtual training. SIGN UP to BE there!

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, A.C.T., CMC, MCC, SCAC


Dr. Parker's Website
His Extended Bio
CorePsych Blog
Deep Recovery
ADHD Medication Rules
VIDEOS: 8 ADHD-MedTutorials

Dr. Charles ("Chuck") Parker
Tuesdays 7:00 - 7:59 pm Eastern (New York time)
6:00 - 6:59 pm Central (Dallas time)
5:00 - 5:59 pm Mountain (Denver time)
4:00 - 5:59 pm Pacific (LA time)
All Time Zones
Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Absolutely counts toward Certification
4 hours of CEUs
NOTE: CEUs are available for this course through the APA, NBCC, NASW, and the CA BBS. It also fulfills the requirements for 4 ICF CCEs.

$395 (+ $75 for optional CEUs)
  Payments will be processed immediately.


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