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ADHD Coaching Master Class

In this interactive class, participants are encouraged, but not required, to bring case vignettes of individuals with AD/HD they have worked with in coaching or other helping interactions. We will use these cases to elaborate on the many approaches one can take when working with this population.

As a consultant, coach, educator, author and presenter, Alan R. Graham, PhD has over two decades of experience helping thousands of individuals, families and organizations navigate life's challenges, and gain the tools they need to manage personal and professional issues. Uniquely trained in business, education and psychology, Alan has taught at all levels of education from the elementary grades through post graduate courses and as a member of the MentorCoach Trainer Team. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certified by the International Coach Federation.

Alan has specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, and coaching of AD/HD for over 25 years. With Dr. Bill Benninger, Alan created, a coaching organization that has touched the lives of thousands of individuals with AD/HD and their families. The ADDvisor has been recognized as an Innovative Practice by CHADD for the past five years and ADDvisor co-sponsors a monthly free teleconference featuring well-known practitioners and researchers in the field of AD/HD. Alan recently contributed to a joint ADDA/CHADD – Centers for Disease Control project titled “Diagnosis and Treatment for Adults with AD/HD Based on Informed Practitioner Experience.”