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Strategic Career Design Coaching

24 one-hour classes
Meets once a week for 6 months
Taught by Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D.

The single most common theme for all coaching clients centers around issues surrounding their professional activities. For a coach, there is probably nothing more exciting than helping a client begin to feel they are a "free agent" and in control of their own careers. Based on more than 50 years of research and practical experience in the literature of working with people on developing more fulfilling person-environment fits in their professional orientations, this Master Class teaches state-of-the-art approaches for helping any client become more proactive and fulfilled in their existing profession or transition themselves in a new career direction.

Career Design:
While many clients at some point or another want to make a career transition, almost all clients can profit from career analysis and redesign in ways to make their career more exciting and fulfilling. This portion of the class focuses on methods to assist the clients who are not fulfilled in their current position become more proactive and fulfilled in their existing profession, often while keeping their actual risk very close to zero and making changes that are right there for the making.

Career Transitions:
What do you do if you have a client who is in the wrong job? How can a coach help clients become empowered and develop a vision of what they want to do? This class segment concentrates on resources, instruments for assessment and strategies a coach can utilize to support clients in taking the steps to move beyond a career that is no longer fulfilling. Appropriate for people who are in mid-life crisis, as well as those caught in a high-paced work milieu where changing companies occurs quickly and often. Almost everyone needs to possess confidence and clarity in the career direction that makes most sense for them.


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