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About Ben Dean, Ph.D.
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The Spirit of MentorCoach: An Overview
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About MentorCoach—Quick Summary

MentorCoach® is the leading coach training school based on the integration of evidence-based coaching and the new science of Positive Psychology. Our ICF accredited program blends practice and leading theoretical insights that empower you in the transition toward becoming a masterful coach.

Our faculty hold either masters and/or doctoral degrees and are seasoned coaches with the overwhelming majority holding either PCC (ICF Professional Certified Coach) or MCC (ICF Master Certified Coach) certifications. In addition, you will have the unique opportunity to work with invited faculty that include some of the most prestigious names in Positive Psychology, such as Dr. Christopher Peterson (A Primer in Positive Psychology), Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky (The How of Happiness), and Dr. Todd Kashdan (Curiosity).

Our entire program is distance based, where students learn and interact via teleconferencing and actively participate in an interactive class website. Our flagship Foundations Coach Training Program provides you, within 31 weeks, with the know-how to launch a successful coaching practice--one that can stand alone or be integrated with your current work. Our learning community offers our students complimentary seminars and other resources to support your collaborative learning and individual growth.

Our students become eligible to earn an ICF Credential once they complete the full 125-hour ICF Accredited Coach Training program which includes 250 hours of required and elective classes for your selection.

Visit Our Monthly Introductory Coaching Teleworkshop. Each month we hold a free, two-hour Positive Psychology and Coaching Teleworkshop. During the call, Ben Dean, Ph.D., MentorCoach Founder, will introduce you to coaching, share his own career development and provide you with concrete techniques you can use right away. On each call there is a prize drawing for a full fellowship in a future MentorCoach Foundations Program. Information is here.

A Community of Professionals. MentorCoach attracts highly accomplished professionals from both (a) the helping professions and (b) a wide array of other disciplines as well. By adding top-notch coaching skills to their prior expertise, our graduates are especially positioned to create awareness and to develop action plans that foster professional success and personal fulfillment.

Helping Professionals: When MentorCoach began in 1997, our original focus was on psychologists and other helping professionals. And, indeed, helping professionals (psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, pastoral counselors and nurses) have always had a strong affinity for our program. MentorCoach is proud to be approved as a continuing education provider by the National Association of Social Workers, the National Board of Certified Counselors, and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. We have helped thousands of gifted helping professionals add coaching to their clinical work or move into coaching full time.

Other Disciplines: Over time, our focus organically broadened to include graduates from many fields outside of the helping professions. Among our outstanding graduates are business professionals (eg, a former CFO of AARP), teachers, professional musicians, free-lance writers, IT professionals, engineers, teachers, work-at-home moms, sales professionals, professors and graduate students across a wide array of disciplines, senior consultants, professionals in government, and lawyers.

In spite of their diverse academic and professional backgrounds, they share certain core characteristics. Our students are highly intelligent, have excellent interpersonal skills, have a love of learning, have a history of professional success, and share a deep interest in coach training that is substantive, based on Positive Psychology research and practice.

MentorCoach and Positive Psychology
. We believe that the practice of coaching is an art that should be grounded in Positive Psychology research--the scientific study of human flourishing, of what is right about people.
In 2002, MentorCoach partnered with Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology, in creating the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program. In its Vanguard Class, 14 or the 17 leaders were MentorCoach trainers. From 2003-2005, the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program trained 1000 professionals in 19 nations in the theory, assessments, tests, and interventions of Positive Psychology to wide acclaim.

MentorCoach continues to embrace Positive Psychology as a critical component of the MentorCoach training. We regularly offer Masters Classes taught by the world’s leading psychologists such as Chris Peterson, Robert Emmons, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Todd Kashdan, and Michael Frisch. Since 2005, we have also interviewed dozens of thought leaders in Positive Psychology. Our founder, Ben Dean, Ph.D., co-authored the first book in the field of Positive Psychology coaching, Positive Psychology Coaching (Wiley). This exciting new field is incorporated into our Foundations training program and featured in coursework such as Positive Psychology and Strategic Career Design, Positive Psychology and ADHD Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry Coaching and Positive Psychology Coaching.

Information about MentorCoach and Positive Psychology is here.

Interviews with Thought Leaders. Big names, big impact. Each month we host teleconference interviews with leaders in coaching, Positive Psychology, and business. Listeners worldwide participate in these teleconferences by emailing in questions during the call. These intense, extensive 80-minute conversations have showcased such renowned writers and thinkers such as Ellen Langer, Phil Zimbardo, Gretchen Rubin, Dan Gilbert, Marshall Goldsmith, Former Medtronic CEO Bill George, Barbara Fredrickson, Seth Godin, Tony Grant, Ed Diener, Shelly Gable, Jon Haidt, and others. You can access many past interviews here.
You can be notified of upcoming interviews here.

MentorCoach Foundations Coach Training Program

Our flagship class, the 31-week MentorCoach Foundations Coach Training Program, is uniquely designed to empower you in the transition toward becoming a masterful coach. Incorporating a blend of research, theory, and coaching interventions that we have been refining since 1981, our program teaches both sound principles of theory and practice and the nuts and bolts of getting your coaching practice up and running

MentorCoach Master Classes

Master Class (noun) – “A class taught by someone who possesses exceptional knowledge or skill in a particular area, often taught to advanced, gifted students.”

Beyond Foundations, our students hone their skills and develop expertise in various niches through our exceptional catalogue of Master Classes taught by outstanding, experienced teachers. Some of whom are world famous in their areas. Our Master Classes are described here.


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